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We have developed an online interactive application to support you to research, plan and communicate your journey towards 21st century education.

A guide to using the roadmap tool and an interactive map of the Elements for System Transformation can help you on your journey!

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Oct 19

Reschool Colorado

What if you were given the chance to create an entirely new state education system from scratch — one that could serve learners of all ages — birth to career — would be designed to better prepare people for success in the world we live in today, and sufficiently agile to keep up with our global society’s rapid changes?

Jul 24

What does creative learning look like for grown-ups?

Working in the education and non-profit sectors, I’ve been to talks and conferences that fire up my passion – that make me want to leap out of my seat and do something.

May 3

Bridging the divide between policy and practice

This is an important platform to not only showcase some of Australia’s achievements, but also learn from how others are working differently to drive change. One example of this is the approach of South Korea, which is seeking to model their school system on the pillars of collaboration, creativity and character.

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